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Electronic messages may be sweeping the planet but there is still a place for the traditional forms of communication, and Trident Engraving, is one company dedicated to ensuring that the written word continues to be presented effectively and attractively wherever it is required.

Since its formation in 1992 Trident has become established as one Yorkshire's leading engravers, and has gained an impressive reputation for quality, reliability and personal service. Trident has the capability to produce high quality engraved signs in materials such as polished brass, anodised aluminum, perspex (acrylic) and durable plastic laminates.

Over the years Trident's signage skills have been utilised by organisations both large and small, operating in most areas of industry and commerce.

For Funeral Directors we offer an engraved coffin plate supply service that is rapid, reliable and economical.

The resources we have at Trident are appropriate to the creation of coffin plates as they are to the production of the more usual commercial signage. The engraving of commemorative plaques in wood and brass has long been part of our service. Traditionally funeral directors have produced their own plates, but this is an aspect of the profession that is a time consuming and therefore not entirely cost affective. Here at Trident coffin plates is simply an extention of our usual signage operations, and we have everything necessary to undertake the task swiftly and professionally.

The majority of coffin plates supplied are of ABS plastic, but polished brass and aluminium plates can be produced if required.

Tridents coffin plate service is being utilised by dozens of funeral directors around the UK, and increasing in popularity as the benefits become more widely appreciated. in addition to coffin plates the company can fulfil any signage requirements that funeral directors may have, which includes the production of corporate nameplates for display in company hearses.

Trident takes pride in the quality of its products, and in providing a service that is reliable and competitively priced. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and accordingly all work is carefully inspected and approved before despatched to the customer.

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